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MSS Marine Conservation Online Competition 2020 - 2021 

Competition Rules 


  • Step 1: Make a post on MSS Facebook Group

    • TOPIC: You / your friends doing your part in Marine Conservation

    • Anything relating to marine conservation in Singapore: Promoting sustainable fishing, tackling marine trash, conserving our marine environment - be creative! 

    • Post must include a write up of at least 50 words of descriptions, eg why you do this, how it helps, your thoughts on it etc 

  • Step 2: Post it in MSS Facebook Group with the hashtag #marinestewardsSG 

  • Hint: Captivating videos and photos tend to get more likes and shares!




  • Monthly winner: Author who gets the most number of Likes plus Shares in our Facebook group each month

  • Grand prize winner: Author who gets highest number of Likes plus Shares in our Facebook group for the entire competition period (1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021) 

  • Multiple entries are allowed! But duplicate posts are not counted 

  • Members of Marine Stewards (with a valid one or two year membership) will get a X2 bonus added to their score! Eg if a Marine Steward gets 100 Likes and Shares on a post, it is counted as 200 Likes + Shares! (times 2)

  • Your chances of winning are higher if you sign up for a membership with MSS! Do consider to join, it's a good cause!




  • Grand prize: 4 hour private yacht charter on Artemis I, worth S$900! Generously sponsored by My Fishing Frenzy Academy 

  • Monthly prize: 1 lure to each monthly winner! Generously sponsored by Lure Haven

  • If you have no need for lures, we will replace it with a set of Marine Stewards Fish ID cards worth S$15 





  • ANYONE can enter! You don’t need to be an angler. You can be a diver, kayaker, marine biologist… anyone who loves the sea and does something for it!

  • To increase your chances of winning, or just to support a good cause, sign up for a membership here Use code MSS20 for $20 off the listed membership price! We are registered as a non-profit organisation in Singapore. All proceeds go towards marine conservation.

  • Anyone can participate, but you must be residing in Singapore to be eligible to receive prizes 





  1. Grand prize competition period is 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021. Winner will be announced by 15 July 2021 

  2. Monthly competition starts on 1st day of each month and ends on last day of each month. Monthly winner is determined and announced by the 7th day of each following month 

  3. Content of your post must be related to the TOPIC. Content from Singapore or overseas is ok 

  4. Original content only. By participating, you confirm that you are the creator and owner of the content posted 

  5. MSS management board and founding members are not eligible for participation 

  6. Winners will be contacted via Facebook or email. They must provide full name, phone number and address for prize giving purposes 

  7. You can submit as many entries as you want. However, duplicates are not allowed and won't be counted.

  8. No foul play. If we find that a participant is disingenuous or having any foul play in getting genuine likes and shares, the submission will be disqualified.

  9. Marine Stewards Singapore Ltd reserves the right to make any final decisions

  10. Any questions, send a private message to our Facebook 

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