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Marine Stewards Singapore Limited is a non-profit organisation founded in 2019 that seeks to make marine conservation mainstream and accessible in Singapore.

It started when ocean lover Sue Ye noticed a sustained decline in fishing catch rates, and brought together representatives of the fishing industry as well as academia and government bodies to promote sustainable fishing practices in Singapore. These efforts resulted in Singapore's first set of sustainable fishing guidelines and Fish ID cards.

The group has since expanded its marine conservation efforts to encompass Biodiversity, Habitats and Pollution threats to our ocean. Our citizen science programme resulted in a new biodiversity record created of the Anomalorhiza shawi jellyfish in Singapore waters, and also uncovered illegal sales of the critically endangered shovelnose ray in local wet markets.

We aim to be as inclusive as possible. At the end of the day, we love the sea and that is our common thread. It unites us, and together we are strong! We run our conservation programmes across a range of popular sea sports, including diving, fishing and kayaking, as we bridge the gap between sea sports enthusiasts and marine conservation efforts.

Marine Stewards is represented at engagement sessions with various government agencies. With its members and volunteers, Marine Stewards has grown to a following of over 8,000 people on Facebook and 100+ paid members.


We are currently 100% volunteer-run. Amazing and fun things happen when individuals come together with a common cause they are passionate about. 

Joining our team generally happens quite organically - participants join our events or volunteer with us. We get to know each other and find similar ground. Volunteers who volunteer with us over the course of 3 to 6 months or more, who display an interest and aptitude, who have the time, passion, and most importantly commitment - are then invited to take up a lead role for a period of a year or more. Start by volunteering with us - we are always happy to connect! 

Editor in Chief

MAST Team_Sue Ye.png

Sue Ye


Editor in Chief


Vanesa Calvo


Editor in Chief

MAST Team_Quek Wee Teck_edited.jpg

Quek Wee Teck


Editor in Chief

MAST Team_Andrea Leong_edited_edited.jpg

Andrea Leong

Co-Lead, ReefX

Editor in Chief

MAST Team_Myka Salleh.png

Myka Salleh


Editor in Chief

IMG-20230220-WA0008 (1).jpg

Jeff Hutchinson

Co-Lead, ReefX

Editor in Chief

MAST Team_Akihiro Eguchi.png

Akihiro Eguchi


Editor in Chief

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-10 at 23.44_edited.jpg

Raymond Ang

Programme Lead, FishX


If you love the sea, there is something you can do for it! We welcome people from all backgrounds and skill sets. It takes a village to make an impact :)

MAST Team_edited.png
MAST Founding Members.jpg


Sue Ye

Aki Eguchi

David Koh

Elizabeth Lai

Lee Seng Shoy

Lim Yi Xuan

Lawrence Ng

Davy Ong

Quek Wee Teck

Myka B. Salleh

Edward Tan

Haikal Zainol


We are immensely grateful for your generous contributions that enable us to do our work!

Admiral Club
(S$100,000 and above)

Commodore's Guild
(S$50,000 and above)


Platinum Sponsors
(S$10,000 and above)

Colin Lee

Daniel Ong

Reson8 Asia

Gold Sponsors
(S$5,000 and above)


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