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Singapore Fish ID cards

"Eh, what fish is this?"

Have you or your fishing buddies ever found yourselves asking this question?

With the Marine Stewards Fish ID Cards, you'll now be able to identify your prized catch on the spot!

The sets features 49 of the most common species of fishes, sharks and rays in Singapore, as well as some handy information on how to care for, and safely release your catch!

More importantly, they also feature information about size limit recommendations provided by our panel of academic advisors, to help us identify mature fish.

We encourage you to practice catch and release for fish under these lengths, to give them a chance to breed. After all, we all want to catch more and bigger fish in the future!

On a recent trip, one of our buddies caught a 50cm grouper, and had the Marine Stewards Fish ID Cards and a measuring tape on hand, which helped him to identify it as mature, and safely release the rest.