Scuba Diver in Reef



Singapore's waters are home to

one-third of the world's hard corals,

one hundred reef fish species,

two hundred sponge species.

Green Coral and Fish

Over the years,

Singapore has lost approximately

60% of its reef to land reclamation, 

15% to a coral bleaching episode in 2016

Local reef conservation is relevant to climate change. Coral reefs help to

break wave energy,

stave off flooding,

reduce coastal erosion



ReefX is a public citizen science programme to train recreational scuba divers in gathering reef survey data to support local reef research and conservation efforts. 

The two-month programme will accept an intake of 25 experienced scuba divers, to allow for focused and personalised training of highly specialised research tasks. There will be 3 intakes running from July - December 2022. 

Programme participants will need to possess: 

- Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent and above

- 20 logged dives and 1 local logged dive within the past two years 

- Able to maintain good buoyancy in conditions of limited visibility and unpredictable currents

- An underwater camera

- Scuba diving equipment (Owned or rented) 

The programme cost will cover:

- Ferry / boat charter

- Dive tanks

- Programme administration costs

- One-year Marine Stewards membership 


A one hour programme overview

Learn about coral conservation, identification, biology, threats and reef survey techniques

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For participants that meet the requirements (Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent and above, 20 logged dives and 1 local logged dive within the past two years) , we’ll send you the programme details and pricing 


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