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For participants who meet the minimum requirements, you are invited to register your interest and you will receive an email with instructions. 

Thanks for submitting!


Join us at your comfort level, on a project/events basis or a few hours a week.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!


Working teams

+ Outreach and events

+ Social media

+ Content writing (education)

+ Admin

Perfect Shot

Specialized skills needed

+ Photography

+ Videography

+ Graphics designer

+ Accounting

+ Auditing

+ Corporate secretary

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Land-Based Volunteer Programme

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Marine Stewards!  for ReefX! ReefX is an initiative for recreational scuba divers to contribute towards reef conservation. The observational and baseline data we collect will offer a glimpse into long-term patterns and seasonal trends of marine life activities. 


Our volunteers are critical to the smooth running of our programme behind-the-scenes, and the overall success of the programme and organisation. If you are not a diver, no problem! We welcome people of all skill sets, backgrounds, ages and nationalities, with a shared love for marine conservation, strong work ethics and a can-do attitude! You will be given the opportunity to get hands-on with expedition planning, data recording, publicity and events, scientific support, and safety protocols. You may also get to join us on some dives! 


Volunteers with the relevant skills are invited to apply for the following roles:

1. Operations Volunteer

  • Booking of dive boat 

  • Rostering of guides

  • Communications with divers and signing trip info & waivers

  • Set up operational workflows


2. Scientific Volunteer (Marine Biology background required)

  • Ensure data accuracy of marine life ID 

  • Select survey dates 

  • Create syllabus for taxonomy class

  • Teach the theory sessions 1/month


3. Data Volunteer

  • Evaluate, set up and manage data input system

  • Ensure divers upload their data post-dive

  • Perform first-round of data checks and cleanup

  • Submit trip data to NParks and MS website team


4. Safety Volunteer

  • Write safety SOP

  • Ensure safety SOP is enforced

  • Write indemnity and waiver forms

  • Evaluate insurance providers and oversee implementation

  • Audits for safety process every quarter


5. Publicity Volunteer

  • Produce publicity materials for presentations, social media, website, events

  • Develop marketing plan to promote ReefX expeditions/events 

  • Manage pre and post-production process with filmmakers or designers 

  • Reach out to media, influencers, corporates, brands 


6. Events Volunteer

  • Coordinate attendance of participants and speakers

  • Arrange for venue (online or physical)

  • Manage logistics (eg. F&B, presentation materials, deliveries, etc)

  • Liaise with external vendors 

5. Advocacy Lead 

    • Oversee our efforts in various causes (eg sustainable seafood, sustainable fishing etc)

    • Share such efforts on our social media as appropriate 

    • Represent Marine Stewards at stakeholder engagement sessions 

    • Requirement: Interest in the blue / marine space in Singapore 

7. HR Lead  

  • Initial conversations with all volunteer applicants, assign volunteers to teams 

  • Maintain the Volunteer List and Org Chart 

  • Disseminate Volunteer Recognition letter by Marine Stewards every year to volunteers  

1. Coral Husbandry Ops 

  • Weekly communications with participants

  • Collection of Risk Acknowledgement forms

  • You will also get to join the coral husbandry sessions if you like! 


2. Scientific Volunteer

  • Marine Biology background required

  • Ensure data accuracy of marine life ID 

  • Lead ReefX dive briefings (if you are a diver)

6. Head of Marketing

  • Requirement: Minimum 2 years of professional working experience  

  • Lead existing volunteers in these teams: Website and Graphics, Social Media, Events, Press 

1. Grants Volunteer 

  • Identify and apply for relevant grants 

  • Be assisted by Thrive Social Consulting 

  • Supported by a VIA student team (if you like)


2. Sponsors and Donors Volunteer

  • Reach out to corporate sponsors and follow up with them 

  • Donor management - keep contact with sponsors and donors to ensure deliverables are met 

  • Be involved in any fund-raising events 

  • Supported by a VIA student team (if you like)

  • Requirement: Good written English, min 2 years professional working experience

3. Events Volunteer

  • Coordinate attendance of participants and speakers

  • Arrange for venue (online or physical)

  • Manage logistics (eg. F&B, presentation materials, deliveries, etc)

  • Liaise with external vendors 

4. Web Volunteer 

  • Update the Sustainable Fishing Guidelines webpage

  • Other web edits 

  • Requirement: Familiarity with WIX platform 

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