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Structure of a Fishing Diary

A fishing diary is one that records all the information that is most interesting to you! More details can be added depending on what you find helpful for your fishing activities.

The basic structure of the diary includes:

1. Trip-specific

Date of fishing - This is the day of fishing

Time spent fishing - Duration (start and end time) of complete trip, by location

Location - This is where the fishing took place. It is useful to note the general and specific location of the fishing. Eg One reservoir might have several fishing spots

2. Fish related

Targeted species - Whether the objective of the trip is to catch a specific fish.

Fishing technique - The details of the tackle and rigs you used. Number of devices by type used.

Lures or baits used - These are the lures or techniques that you used in fishing. Record if it's on top-water, bottom or mid-water

Type of fish - This is where you identify every fish caught e.g Barramundi, Queen fish, Peacock Bass, etc. This includes EVERY fish hooked, even if it's C&R

Size of fish - Weight, length*, girth of each fish (*preferably fork lengths: length from mouth till the fork in the tail)

Number of fish - Total number of fish in each species

3. Weather and water conditions

Weather & Water - Weather conditions of the time of fishing (wind, cloud cover, precipitation, temperature) and water quality descriptions (tide, current, visibility).

Other notes - Other observations you make that may affect your fishing activities and information that you find interesting to recall - solunar phase, or moon phase etc

We are piloting a Fisher Diaries program! It is in collaboration with marine biologists and tertiary institutions in Singapore. This is a crucial piece of data that will enable us to have the relevant knowledge to give a boost to our marine ecosystem.

If you're interested to learn more or join our pilot Fisher Diaries program (Jan - Jun 2020), please sign up here!


About Marine Stewards

Marine Stewards is a non-profit whose mission is to promote a healthy fishing culture through sustainable fishing guidelines, education and outreach. If you'd like to support our work, you can sign up for a membership, volunteer, donate or sponsor. We truly appreciate all your contributions!

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