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3 Benefits of Keeping a Fishing Diary

A fishing journal, whether in a paper notebook, or online through an app or website - is a place to log your catches. Your observations, including successes and failures, will allow you to become more effective at identifying locations, patterns, and trends to improve your fishing.

1. Record-keeping allows you to track patterns

Keeping a fishing diary helps us by serving as a “backup memory”. By logging your fishing experience consistently, it helps to keep and organise your fishing details for reviewing later:

  • Recording where you catch your fish, what you catch it on, tide, current and spot. You'll be surprised to find trends hidden in the data. By tracking your catches over time, you'll start to identify patterns and improve your predictions

  • Analyse your success rates at specific locations, using different techniques, or under varying conditions

2. Use it as a learning tool

There's plenty to learn with a well-kept fishing journal